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Thanks Gillian, that sounds really good.
I realise that I don’t note the small improvements…actually they’re not that small!
for example: although I can sense the addictive desire when I’m eating sometimes (enjoyment and relishing the flavours, maybe eating too fast) I haven’t had a “full blown binge” for a while and after my evening meal which I try and have earlyish I have not been eating at all, trying to leave about 12-14 hours until I eat the next day. I used to do fasting like this for a long time a few years ago and I like the idea its giving my body a well desreved break from continually digesting food. This time the difference is its my choice to do this and I’m not motivated by weight loss and its just for now, I can always stop doing it.
I probably didn’t need to write all this but it does seem to help writing it down, makes it more real somehow.