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Thank you Gillian, yes, i have mixed two different ideas up.
I see some improvement with my overeating, in the evening only snacked once this week. I worked through my desires sitting on my sofa.. But i feel astonished how often i have thoughts in my mind of eating/snacking something. Yesterday i was listening to a wonderful concert and in between i had thoughts of eating some salty nuts, eating some disappered after i spoke to me that i can have them later, if i would like and could have them tomorrow and always. The feeling disappered and after the show i forgot about it.
But it is hard for me to notice how often I have this desires. The cues are often little thoughts, i don’t notice, why i have them. Suddenly i think of something to eat.
I feel happy that i found your ideas and your webinars. I’ m sorry that i cannot express my thoughts and feeling better in english. i am sure this way to deal with my overeating is the best way i have seen until now.
Thank you gunici