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Hi Nicola, hi everyone,

That’s good that you are having some successes, well done.
I am the same, I have had successes but also failures. Gillian did say we shouldn’t try to work on everything at once. I can totally relate to quickly eating something to try and beat the thought processes, I have done this too!

I have managed to prevent myself from bingeing on biscuits from the supermarket for several months now since I read Gillian’s book before starting the course. And i successfully overcame the desire in the supermarket last weekend which was great and really effective. But i struggle with overeating at dinner time (large portions and going back for seconds and dessert) and having afternoon snacks out of habit. I am finding it hard not to feel deprived using times and plans for these occasions. My rebellious streak is hard to remove even though I am telling myself I have free choice. Maybe I still don’t really believe this after so many years of forcing myself to live by certain rules.
I’m going out for dinner tonight with my husband and I will plan to choose a low carb meal without wine as this is so much better for my blood sugar levels (I’m a diabetic). It’s hard not to see meals out as a treat where I can indulge as this is how I have viewed them for such a long time. Also I have a party coming up on Saturday which I am partly dreading because of my inner torment on what to eat and whether I can hold myself back from overeating. If i use planning to say i will only have one piece of cake and no alcohol i immediately feel rebellious! I’m trying to focus on the benefits of my choice and the peace it will bring me long term to be able to control my eating.