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Hi all,

Great to hear peoples experiences. I’ve been doing ok too. Ever since I realised it doesn’t have to be perfect and its a process I have felt much more relaxed about it. My break through is I haven’t had any full blown binges at all lately and although I can feel addictive desire come up around my love of dark chocolate (and large portions of potatoes in the evening meal) I am eating a bit less of it.
Next time I go shopping I am going to try and work through the desire and not buy the chocolate in the first place and see how I go!

I have found in the past that PMT causes me to go into overdrive with the eating but this month that has not happened to my amazement, in fact food is not so interesting and I’m feeling fuller much quicker… can that be I wonder?

Because my appetite has reduced so significantly I am thinking oh maybe I’ve gone into compliance….but Ive not started following any rules, its just that my interest in food is less….its quite a bizzare thing!
I can’t quite believe it and think it may revert back to how it was before….

Good luck everybody. x