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Yes, Jackie, I do get this a lot!!!

“…as if you were accusing my beloved pork pie of being addictive” – Any food can be addictive, but especially any high-carb-high-fat combination, such as the pork pie. And, the best, most sustainable goal is to aim to eat in an addictive way less often, rather than not at all.

“I have total free choice about what and how much I eat – as long as I only choose healthy food and not too much of it.” – This is the mistake so many make, and thanks, Jackie, for bringing this into the forum discussion. What will serve you best is:
“I have total free choice about what and how much I eat – including the freedom to eat huge quantities of unhealthy food.”

I’ve seen many people do a course with me and begin to think, “it’s not forbidden so I’ll eat it”. I remember one lady in particular in a seminar in London who said, “the last time I gave myself freedom of choice about food I gained 40lbs.”

What makes all the difference is knowing you are free to overeat anything in any quantity – and then freely choose what works for you. It seemed to me that you did that with the pork pie. What I was adding was that it does have a very addictive quality to it, so if you have one every time you want one, that could easily escalate into not being what you really want to create for yourself.