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Thanks Gillian, I too have been through the thing of ‘eating anything I want’ and gained a few stones in the process. This is clearly very different and it’s helpful to know about changing my brain patterns. I don’t think there’s too much danger of my pork pie eating escalating – it feels like I’ve broken their spell!

One thing I’m trying to figure out is the difference between wanting and choosing. I can want something and choose to eat it, or I can want something and choose not to eat it. If I did the first all the time I’d be doing addictive eating. If I did the second all the time, I’d be too perfect. Is that right? So when do I choose not to be perfect? I don’t think I’d choose to eat something If I didn’t want to. I guess after years of restricting it’s hard to know what I really need. Maybe I’m intellectualising too much and should go back over the issue of choice?

I’ve certainly reduced my addictive eating over the last few weeks and feeling better. So thanks to you Gillian and to everyone for your contributions.