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Dear Gillian, As I watch your video again today I always notice that I miss a word/thought that helps me to believe in my freedom of choice. For me it should not only mean I have the freedom to eat what and how much I want, but I also have the freedom to eat as much and as little as I want. The little is important. So the free choice , whether much or little. That gives me a very light feeling. Although I have overeaten myself for many years of my life, I need explicitly the freedom to choose that I can eat little.
And that eating little doesn’t mean being sick and not eating anything and starving.
My desires sitting on the sofa in the evening has become less, feels lighter. I go through it in my thoughts, it helps me enormously.
And again and again it helps me that I make this decision to eat or not to eat for the moment. Just for now. Not forever. How liberating.
I feel more pleasure when I am eating.
Sometimes I use times and plans, both helpful techniques.