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I read your post, Sian, again today and it really does sound great, as Nicola said.

I don’t see “others streaking ahead” and firmly believe each one of us has our own unique journey to create. How would anyone be able to say if you are taking things too slow?

My suggestion for you is this: every time you think you need reassurance about how you are with your eating, turn that around and ask yourself if things are how you really want them to be. Maybe you’re not sure, but that’s the value of trial-and-error: “if I try eating x instead of yyy, or if I eat nothing instead of x – will I feel any benefit?”

I’m not sure it’s a matter of going fast or slow, it’s about developing that curious relationship with food, continuing to learn from your mistakes (which you are doing) and continuing to try out different strategies in terms of quantity, quality and frequency of the food you eat.