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Nicola, this is not the first time I’ve heard this course can feel overwhelming. I work hard to make it as clear as I can, and spread it out over the six sessions, but it’s still a radical change for many. This is why you’ve paid me for access to this material for a whole year – not just the length of this course.

So, you are more than welcome to do the course again, starting on February 2 – and if that seems a bit too soon (it does to me!) I’ll be doing another starting around May. And, you’ll have access to this site anyway, to review any time and at any pace that works for you.

Those who repeat the course tell me they understand it in an entirely different way the second time, and are much more able to grasp and use the ideas.

As for the present time, I wonder if you are struggling with self-esteem/self-compassion more than anything else? If so you may well appreciate these short guided meditations.

And as for your question, my guess is you’ll get the most mileage (see a real benefit) if you work through your desire for the wine-and-crisps. Do that on a trial basis, and see if it lifts your mood, even just a bit. The illusion is that they will make you feel a bit better, and it will be valuable for you to discover the reverse is true.

Finally, I do hope you can begin to see a way to resolve the difficult life circumstances. “This too will pass” can be useful at these times.