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Dear Gilian, so good that you have discussed the subject of advice in the last webinar. I rebel immediately when someone tells me what is good for me to eat.I feel locked in. Also, every time you talked about pizza, I immediately thought: what’s wrong with pizza? Can’t I eat pizza anymore? Is she giving us advice, what to eat or not to eat?
It was good that you talked of your relationship to pizza and your choice of eating it or not eating it now and in the future. It’s good to know that I have the choice. Now and at any time, eating pizza or not. To take advice about eating or not, every time anew and always just for now.
I remember that every time someone says something about the best food, the best tips about eating. Then I can decide better whether I want to hear and follow this advice or not.
I recently went to the doctor. For the first time in years my blood pressure was good and not too high when it was measured in the doctors place. I didn’t feel guilty, that was great, and my liver values are back to normal. I am happy. This is one of the non weight benefits.
Today I was in a cafe with a friend, she ate cake, I looked at all the cakes, but there was no desire to eat a piece. I want to be hungry for dinner. Such a thing is new for me . I always felt attracted to cake and would have rejected the cake before the webinar only with heavy heart. But i didn’had to reject it. I just didn’t want to have it.
How interesting . I am curious, how it goes on…