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Hi Nicola,

I too have some challenging circumstances and yes to be able to say I’m going through them but not over eating on top is definitely an inspiring thing! Hang in there, you will do this. x

I was just looking at the exercise 5;5 and you mentioned its good to hear how others have applied the ideas in practice. Well I don’t know if this is helpful but I bought myself a nice notebook and have taken notes from each video session of the key points, so I’ve got it all written down week by week in a simple way, I find it really useful to read over sometimes.
And then I made a list of non weight motivators which I keep by my bed and look at every morning when I wake up.
Also when I wake up and throughout the day I recite a little mantra…I am free to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. And If I choose to leave an AD unsatisfied I am doing it to gain some benefits, And Im only choosing for now. I am free to overeat later if I choose.

And downstairs in the kitchen I’ve 3 little lists about motivation, choice and desire that help me if I feel an urge to eat unnecessarily.
And I even made like a little card of how to work through AD and WHY I am doing this, that I take when I go to look after my Dad (which is a big cue for me).
This may sound a bit OTT to some but it works for me…