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Yes, absolutely, although it’s more of a weakening rather than a strengthening in this case. (I mentioned the two processes of neuroplastic change – in Week 3 – if you recall.)

It’s so good that you faced your fear and did this, Lucy. Otherwise you could have done very well for a while, and then when you ate that sort of item, the more intense desire can take you by surprise. You’re not expecting it, so you satisfy it again, and the “I’ve blown it, what the hell” mindset comes into play.

You’ll need to discover for yourself how much of this to do in order to break the mindset and the associated more intense desire. Once again, it’s a “best guess” for you to distinguish that and where you might be using this principle as an excuse to overeat!

If you read Jackie’s post about her pork pie episode, I think she was doing this process even before I spoke about it in Session 6. She posted that eating the pie had “broken the spell” for her, and that’s what I’m talking about.