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Hi Gillian
What really clicked and oddly I was about to add is that it really really gave me the whole picture of freedom of choice, I’ve always understood I can eat as much as I want but maybe never actually grasped it until it was written or stated with the other half of the conversation – I hope this makes sense !
It’s also taken me a long time to not be so hard on myself and accept I can drop all my self imposed rules (if I want to )
For me the process is a slow long one, but for now I do actually feel a greater sense of freedom and have a small understanding that eating what I want is not necessarily everything in the house just because I “can”. I understand the effect constant eating has on my mental health and this is rather refreshing .
I have also been able (and I never ever thought I could ) to manage to fast for 16 hours for the last three days, for me I fully believe this has helped give me clarity about what to eat not to overeat, for now it is not a medical emergency if I don’t shove something into my mouth the first thing in the morning.. For now I am not obsessing about food, the fasting idea has taken the “what shall I eat for breakfast” ( and this inevitably turned into one long continual eating day) idea out of the equation therefore reducing stress. It was always for me about eating less …
sorry bit of a ramble there 😳