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Hi Gillian,

Yes.. a weakening, thanks for pointing that out!

I’ve been away for a few days helping out my dear 90 year old father, its always tricky there as he has more “interesting” food in his house (which I actually buy for him!) the wine & crisps, chocolate biscuits, bread etc all the sorts of things I don’t have at home generally. So I did eat all of the above while I was there, I didn’t think not to eat them actually, but I ate them in normal quantities and now I’m home I just get on and eat my usual relatively healthy food, no problem.

What do you make of this Gillian? Its a well worn pattern for me, enjoying a few treats at Dads and then enjoying eating in a healthier way when I’m home. I guess in the past it has lead to bingeing, but I haven’t been aware of all this new information you have given us then.

I think its my perfectionism tendencies that (in the past) made me think I’d failed because I’ve eaten some crisps etc but now it feels ok to indulge a little occasionally ..but is this addictive mindset at work do you think?

I don’t know what to think about the fact I didn’t try not to eat these things…