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Hi Lucy

Sometimes the prohibitive thinking isn’t all that obvious, while the signs and symptoms of it are certainly unmistakable! There’s the “so what” attitude creeping in and really strong urges to overeat. Also, when I spoke about lowering carb intake during our webinar last Sunday, your reaction was say you’d feel deprived without potatoes. You then said that was coming from your ‘all-or-none’ thinking, but it was coming from your prohibitive thinking, which is a different concept.

It’s very common for a focus on weight to create a sense of prohibition, which then leads to overeating, as I’ve explained.

My suggestion is for you to revisit Week 2, especially the two “Solutions” videos. However, from the Freedom exercise you did (under the Week 5 replay video) it looks like you have a tough time seeing your prohibitive thinking. My only suggestion there is to set up a one-to-one with me some time, as I can only help you with that through a conversation.

Let me know if you have any questions.