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“I’m obviously eating too many calories somewhere along the way.” This is not necessarily true, as I explained in our last Q&A webinar, adding the quote that calories only matter “…if you’re a toaster oven.” Remember?

I truly, in my heart, believe that the way to lose weight is to prioritise your health. But it needs to be sincere; not buying a book on healthy eating because it promises weight loss. And, as I said before, that particular book with the elimination diet would be a huge challenge, as I think you know.

If your aim is to lose weight, then you count calories. If your aim is to restore your health, then you learn how to become more insulin sensitive, for example. Perhaps IF and/or ketosis for periods of time. There are many details here and they are beyond the scope of my course. The information is available, though.

My guess is that the overeating you did in the past did some damage to your body and it may take a while to heal. Counting calories will not help you with that.