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Hi Elena

I think that Siân has already said it all, especially the part about having fun!

If you are already in tune with the idea of being imperfect at times, it will go a lot better for you. Perhaps you overeat, but you don’t make that mean any thing dreadful, like you’re a hopeless loser, or off the wagon. Self-compassion works.

When away from home, choosing “for now” can be important as there can be a strong sense that these items can only be available now – in this hotel, in this country, on this occasion. Remind yourself you can have things like this any time; sugar, for example, is everywhere.

And finally, take a few moments to imagine you are on your way home after this trip, and you are really feeling positive about how you were with food, how much and what you consumed. You didn’t set the bar too high, you weren’t perfect/rigid, and it all went fine. Consider what your eating looked like during the trip in order to create that. And as you go through the hours and days of your holiday, match your eating choices with that image (imperfectly of course).

Let me know if this helps and how it goes. I notice I never get feedback from you 🙁 How did it go with the chicken wraps you love(d) so much? With that daily chocolate thing? With the confrontation at the hospital where you work?