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Dear Gillian,

i am late with my feedback but finally i found time to answer. First of all: i wish everyone a happy and healthy 2020 with many insides and progress moments.
My trip went super actually, so much easier and better than the last few years.It was very helpful to me to create an image how my food choices should look like during the trip..i did that and it gave me a feeling of security. I made choices which were fair to myself not rigid but also not to freestyle.. and i noticed that i had no addictive desire,i was literally waiting of it but it did not come..that made it easy for me and for the first time after yeas i went home after my holiday trip and felt relaxed instead of unhappy, afraid if i can loose the weight and so on…

It feels awesome to tell you that i did not eat the chocolate anymore..i guess its 4 month ago that i had my last 300g Oreochocolate.
Its not that i don´t eat sugar anymore but i never bought this one again. I actually see it now in the shop and i feel sorry for myself. As i said already some of my very strong urges are really gone..i don´t feel them anymore and i thought this will never happen but it does.
And being in the hospital, using my brain a lot and trying to give my body the best nutrition to be able to work under pressure kind of really helps me..there are some days where i am struggeling but its gone sooooo much better.
Ah and the chicken wrap..i sometimes have it but without french fries,i realised that they are my problem. The wrap with a portion of salad is my compromise :-).

Finally doing your course was the best thing i did in 2019 and i really appreciate the anytime i forget something i feel save because of your fast answers.

Many greetings