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Hi Alexandra
Much of what you say resonates with me! I am doing the course again, rewatching webinars but have found so many things that are maybe sinking in on another watch, I think previously I didn’t probably realise how much of my attention this needs to have an effect & im still getting the perfectionism, I’m finding the non weight based motivation a little difficult because when you do eat less you can’t help but notice a little (and I stress a little )weight lost, and the focus changes so lots and lots of reminders for me to not focus on any loss …
I also notice that maybe in the past I have been in compliance thinking it’s working, but reflection is a good thing.
I know this takes time and I’ve been in this dieting situation for so many years the addictive thinking is there, I just have to practice at facing it and working with it (or accepting it )
Just to remember the three themes is really helping me now, and like you I am looking forward to really putting all my energy into learning more and putting it into practice!
Gillian’s a great support too so she’ll do everything to help if we ask 😉