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Hi Alexandra and Esther.
First time for me for the course but I have read all Gillian’s books over and over again and tried on and off to apply the techniques. I’ve realised too that some things have changed as a result.I am much more motivated by health and self esteem now. I am eating meals most days and they are often good food. It’s often the mindless emotional/ tired trancing binges that I have no control of and make me desperate. I had a great moment yesterday when I found myself about to eat straight out of a large zero percent fat yoghurt after a meal. Gillian’s talk of finding it hard to stop eating after a meal popped into my mind. I realised I was thinking it didn’t matter as it was low fat. Then I realised it did matter as I hadn’t chosen it and it didn’t fit in with my plan to stop eating between meals to feel more in control of food and to improve my self esteem. It made me smile to think I had broken the trance and the beginning of a binge that could of gone on for ages and seen all sorts of random stuff in my mouth!