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Hi everyone,
I’m on my second time through the course as well and am finding it is going in at a much deeper level also. I’ve been trying to think about why this is. Here is my current theory. I like to understand things, and because it takes 6 weeks to go through the course and hear Gillian laying everything out, the intellectual basis for how it all works, it wasn’t until the end of the course that it all clicked for me intellectually. Therefore, now that I have an intellectual grasp of the whole course, I am finding that the practices that Gillian is suggesting go in at a much deeper level because my brain understands how and why they will work. For example, I have just been applying the practices from Week 1, and they’ve been incredibly impactful. Just really simply reminding myself constantly of my non-weight benefits, and then remembering to ask myself “how will I feel when I’ve eaten this?” before I shove anything in my mouth. Amazing! Yet I missed the depth and impact of these simple practices the first time round. I really struggled to make them feel “real” to me. I think the first time around I was experiencing a lot of “compliance” but this time around it feels much more deeply-seated because I get why we’re doing it, and I feel totally at peace with my choices. And in between eating choices I’m getting on with my life and not obsessed with food 100% of the time.