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Thank you Katie … will try that out… the trouble is the brain hangs on to these words and *goodies* present a picture/ image of chocolates and cakes etc on a plate! So need to replace the image …maybe a plate full of soap bars … Bubble bath bombs … Cakes covered with washing up liquid! I think this could just work!! Did read an article where any left over food at a meal instead of eating seconds or thirds… was covered with washing up liquid and so then thrown in the bin, which was much better then using yourself as the rubbish bin and eating more than you needed!

Hope you are enjoying the course so far.. I am nearing the end of my first year and can say it has changed my relationship with food entirely for the better! After more than 40 years of so called dieting …losing the weight and putting it on again.. this is the way to go. Looking forward to sharing the rest of this course with you.

Kind Regards