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Hi Gillan,
Thank you for your reply which gives another insight into owning my choices and where it leads me!
Looking at the “goodie* situation which started this thread, I know my addictive desire does get out of hand at times, especially when I am tired. For me personally, I need some sort of pick me up in the form of food to seemingly satisfy this. Need to work through this and realise it is my choice to *enjoy it* and move on or as you said re-evaluate it against the non weight benefits of not satisfying my desire, which gives in the end a greater satisfaction all round. Each day a little further along on the learning curve …getting there slowly but surely! Thank you again …as usual you hit the nail on the head so to speak and caused me to think it through and get back on the right track.

By the way it was just an illustration with the washing up liquid …I have not actually gone that far myself.🙃