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Dear Gillian,

i tried it out. I tracked my food for a while and i honestly felt locked up in my familiar cage again. It is the ´´best guess feeling`´i wanted to get rid of but i realized that i am wrong. I still don´t know if this is a good idea or not to track food but in my case and for now it puts me back to a feeling of following rules, forbidden foods and rebellious reactions. Maybe the best-guess-feeling is a synonym for my feeling of choice. I lost it and it felt so not worth it to continue. I was trying to create a perfect state for my body but instead i became too locked in, anti-social and again too focused on the topic.
I loved it to go out with friends recently and having a nice time and being free from any binges but now it has put pressure on me and not being on track. Its not that i am unhappy to know now that i might increase my carbs intake and reduce a bit of fats but i want to continue to work with my time and plans and trail and error. This brought me way better decisions.