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Hi Leslie
Thanks for your post it’s good to hear it’s not just me ! There really is so much to take in, I really believe if you fully apply yourself it really does work, at times I find it tough remembering everything but it’s a really really positive and refreshing way of working with yourself .
I was listening to some of the webinar replays for week four yesterday and I really saw myself time and time again :joining a slimming club to hand the responsibility over, it really was me (amongst many other habits) I understand more now this has to come from me. Gillian’s method is working for me this time, I’m getting used to being imperfect and acceptance of that . It relieves the self loathing and has resulted for me in maintaining the work to date and enables me to work through the desire, not always but then that would be perfection wouldn’t it !
Keep going everyone 👍🏼