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Yes, it’s very helpful for me, too (I suppose when I don’t have a super specific question, it means I just want to hear whatever Gillian has to say! 🙂 I like the garden imagery. Moving around flexibly at the base of a mountain is one I’m beginning to internalize as well.

Yesterday I struggled with addictive desire and thought a lot about limbic activation. I decided to eat a healthy bowl of popcorn vs a buttered up one from my past. Through much of the bowl I was thinking about how I was going to have a second one – it wouldn’t be enough! – and I finished it unsatisfied. I think the cue of a bowl of popcorn (which dates years and years back) was so strong and I forgot to put the bowl down as I was eating and look at my addictive desire. It was swirling around in my head/chest even though I was following my times/plans. So I learned something about how the addictive feeling can come up anytime, not just when I’m choosing what to eat. It was pretty uncomfortable!