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Hi Leslie –
I am experiencing the discomfort of sitting with addictive desire too – I cooked a roast for my partner and his daughter and grandson on Sunday, we had a box of chocolates that were given to us the week before by friends (that’s no present by the way 😂, and I’m still in disbelief I have not scoffed most of them already), and when we were all sat down together in the evening after the webinar my partners daughter (who is incidentally as thin as a rake ) had the munchies, she tucked into the chocolate, (was eating crisps, still eating left over roast at 9pm)addictive desire reared it’s ugly head and I felt like I was “missing out”, but was able to name it and sit with it even though it was uncomfortable. I was able to think to myself of how I would feel if I started mindlessly eating chocolate after having a proper tea, and I also reminded myself that I could eat all the chocolate if I wanted to, and there is plenty of chocolate In the world, even if she does eat them -so what ? I can go out and buy more IF I want to … It’s a real learning curve ! I sat there feeling uncomfortable for the most of the evening but felt like it was more of a way of working rather than sticking myself back in the diet cell..

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m still working out what actually works for me food wise, today the food I planned as a snack did not work and I am reflecting on whether this is really because it was nutritionally not enough after a days slog or if it was just addictive desire or maybe both! The difference now is it’s not the end of the world (because I ate a little more than planned but nothing on the scale of previous munching or mindless eating as it wasn’t that mindless )and I will try again tomorrow with another variety of mid afternoon snack … it doesn’t mean it’s all over (as it would have in the past ).