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You were right, i did not get it correctly. I want to dive in that a bit more the next weeks and see how it goes.I now got it that planing my meal ahead is something complete different!

And wanted to highlight one sentence of you that is SO helpful and powerful. “At least i did not binge”.It is so impressive how few words can shift the thoughts of my mind sometimes.
In the last month MANY cues fade away but some did not.

Being in the car by myself for hours was always tricky. But yesterday i could handle that situation so well. It was boring, i did not like it and i felt my addictive desire showing up quite strong .Getting some sweets at a gas station used to “help me out” of the boredem for a long time. But due to the course i felt like i´ve got soo many skills in my pocket.

Two things that helped yesterday the most : Activation of my prefrontal cortex by listening to your Webinar while driving instead of just listening to music. And telling myself ” yes it sucks, not the best moment but at least you do not overeat”. It calmed me down so much and made me handle the situation kind of easily.

Until now i am proud and appreciated this experience. Thanks Gillian for travelling with me 🙂

Happy Weekend!!