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Dear Gillian,
from your answer I understand that it is ok to make plans what to eat for the next meal or even the whole day is . What I am actually struggling with is the lack of variety in my meals. I have a tendency to stick with what I know ,quite strictly I would say. And then I stay with it for week or even longer. It comes from mistrusting myself and fear that I can start to binge if I allow myself to misstep. Spontaneously eat something would be for me a big no no.. because I’m afraid to keep eating and it will become grazing or binge.
I guess it’s all-or-nothing mindset. And I am a perfectionist. How can I address this issue?
By the way I am also noticing that there is a possibility to apply some suitable nutritional ideas to my eating but it has to come from my choice and not from the restriction. But every time I feel muscle or joints ache my thoughts go back to the restriction part,like: Told ya, you shouldn't eat that, now you're sick ,again
And please let me know if I’m asking too many questions, but I’m struggling and don’t know to whom I should address the.

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