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Hello Ausra

I did direct you to Week 2 and you’ve done well to cover those webinars and begin to get your head around the issue of choice. However, there’s considerably more to all of this material, and you are asking questions that are answered in other parts of the course.

Please keep in mind that I don’t know you. I still don’t know for example what you would have had for lunch if you hadn’t prepared it ahead of time. No, I don’t recommend that you plan what you’re going to eat for the whole day. Yes, I agree with you that you have an all-or-none mindset.

I appreciate your impatience, but you did join this site very recently, while others have been going through the material with me for at least five weeks. There are so many details and nuances to cover, which is why I do the webinars and videos, and not just a forum. Plus, the course develops as we go along, so that I build on concepts introduced briefly at first, and in a more complete way later on.

I do hope this helps! I suggest you take a look at all of the material first. Some of it might not seem relevant at first but later I’ll pull it all together to make more sense and to make it doable.