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Ausra, I’m not sure there could be a tool to remind yourself of choices you later regret because you’d still need to remember to use the tool. Maybe it comes down to two things:

1. You keep making this mistake until you remember ahead of time. If it takes 100 times, that’s what it takes and on time number 101, you remember that you get sick when you eat gluten.

2. Our ability to consider consequences beyond the immediate moment arises through activity in the Prefrontal Cortex at the front of the brain, just behind your forehead. The more you work with the technique “Working Through Desire” and the material in this course, the more you develop and strengthen this ability. Neuroplastic change doesn’t happen through understanding – it happens through practise.

I know your question seems similar to Julie’s but not really and I don’t want to explain why due to confidentiality.