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Aimee F

It can really be any type of food. Usually fast food or sugary things. Starts with a little thought or seeing something, maybe passing a fast food place, seeing a pic of something..etc Then I try to forget about it but the urge builds up until I end up running out to get whatever I’m craving. It’s always me getting it for myself. Can be something like seeing baked goods in the office break room. I may see them and make some sort of choice to NOT have any but I guess then the urge sort of “simmers” in the back of my mind and even builds to the point that I make up my mind to literally rush back down there and devour what I can as quickly as possible, trying not to think about what I’m doing.
There is no consistent cue. I think it has something to do with “choice” though. Probably because I’m always trying to lose weight so the second I see something that’s not a good option (sugar things), I think I can’t have it. I may be able to resist for a couple hours but then I “let go” and binge. When I let go (I guess it can be referred to as white knuckling), I don’t want to work on any “steps” and pause, name it, etc….I just want to hurry and eat whatever it is I’ve denied myself really quick before I become conscious.