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Aimee F

Thank you Gillian. Every bit of advice you give I read over and over and absorb. I am going to “take a stand” and commit to at least trying to work through desire the next time it comes up. Just sort of putting one toe in the water knowing I don’t “have” to do it every time.

I’ve spent the last couple days replaying webinars and reading your books. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my issue is that I’m not owning choice which is why I have way more urgent desperate cravings than I do desires. I’m still at the “lip service” part of owning choice. 🙁
I believe I’m getting ahead of myself and trying to work through desires, whims, and preferences but either I’m still “locked in my cell” when a whim comes up or I start immediately putting my self back in the cell when the slight thought of eating something “bad” pops up. Either way…same thing. I’m not mentally out of my cell yet no matter what I tell myself and write down. Too many years of yo yo dieting has built a hurricane/bomb proof cell I’m guessing!