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Aimee F

Hi Gillian. Yes, I have actually been practicing this all week. I try to start reminding myself that I HAVE A CHOICE right from the get-go, when the urges are just little “thoughts”. It does seem to be working. I think I just have doubts because it almost seems too simple? haha I mean..30 years of this torture i’ve put myself through to think I could slowly but surely get out of this nightmare by just “thinking differently”?? Maybe I’m still skeptical but heck, I have nothing to lose! Like I said, I’ve been really truly working on “challenging” my thoughts in the moment when faced with food. It’s hard because I do wake up every day thinking “it must stop, I can’t go on, my clothes are so tight…” etc etc Very difficult to change this..yet the actual solution is simple. Does that even make sense? Difficult but simple!