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Thanks for your post, Aimee. Like you, I read and reread Gillian’s advice and comments. It was helpful this time to think about working through an addictive desire when it’s smaller – noticing a thought or pull to eat when it pops up early on. For me, that’s part of eating mindlessly or as quickly as possible (by the way, I know Aimee’s not alone in that!:) – if I don’t consciously ‘catch’ what’s going on EARLY, then it (an addictive desire) can become a freight train and be very very hard to turn around.

Gillian, I know getting lots of practice helps to change this pattern. Do you have other suggestions for how to notice an early thought that doesn’t necessarily seem addictive on the surface, but quickly leads me into binge eating?

As I write this I realize of course my rationalizing and addictive thinking are obviously a big part of the problem!