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Aimee F

Thanks for the encouragement Julie! I really needed that. Gillian says you want to be in the “driver’s seat” with choice, even if it’s not a good choice. It’s mine. I just need to trust that I am not too much of a mess and am “smart enough” to be in that driver’s seat.I’m past the point of worrying that if I give myself a choice about food, that I’ll eat ALL the food. I’ve been overeating and in binge/non diet mode for months now. After failing over and over for 30 years, it’s so hard to have even a glimmer of faith in myself.

Here’s the 2.5 exercise:
If I own my choices about what I eat…

*I’ll eat real meals that begin and end versus just eating all day with no structure
*I’ll quit eating so much fast food because it’s messy in the car and I’m wasting money
*I’ll choose foods that aren’t so carb-y because that makes me want to nap and I feel groggy all day
*I’ll actually be hungry at dinnertime and can eat with my husband versus eating even though I’m full from fast food I snuck all day
*I’ll feel more like my “true” self versus some glutton that has no control
*I’ll feel more outgoing and have more energy to spend time with friends and be social
*I’ll have more of a desire to exercise, even just walk, because I wont feel so full and bloated