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Aimee, I have a couple thoughts-nothing new, but I’ll share my reactions. I really understand the discouragement and how overwhelming it can feel! A reminder: those feelings can change quickly with one, two, or three days in the ‘driver’s seat.’ Or maybe even 2-3 hours if we’re following Times and Plans. It’s my most powerful tool after days with no structure, or feeling out of control. I look at the clock and decide when I’m going to eat next. I remember Gillian saying to make it an hour of longer is too hard. Anything to help us claw our way back (that’s how it feels sometimes) from the craziness…. another thought: if we’ve been immersed in addictive mindsets for years and years and years, doesn’t it make sense some of us might have periods where it feels impossible to change??? It’s a lot of habit to pull apart and pay attention to! Kind of daunting when I think about it all at once. Times and Plans step by step!! And be kind to yourself if you can. You sound a little harsh when you describe yourself and how you’re doing (which of course I understand). We’re setting out to make big changes and it’s not easy. You need and deserve support! It’s always helpful to read Gillian’s advice. Take care!