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hello all
hope you are all keeping safe and well in these strange times!
Aimee, Leslie and Julie I am with you all the way…
I have also been revisiting the course especially regarding choice, I think that because it is an easy default to go back to (old habits, using the wrong language, going back to focussing on weight loss) it has helped me undoubtedly to review all the material and it has actually calmed me down and soothed me, reminding myself not to use the wrong language and just to choose for now!
This time has been very difficult for me because I am now sole point of contact for my mentally ill mother (with multiple eating disorders mainly anorexia) and her carer, so spending alot of time with her in the house that I grew up in (was not a good time) has proved to be challenging. I have to add that I have made myself re visit webinars and course information and found it very helpful, mainly taking that I am on a learning curve, dont be so hard on myself and it has been easier to work through desire and stop, slow down and either accept the consequences of overeating or sit with desire…
I havent always been successful, dealing with mental illness combined with absolutely no understanding of coronavirus or her own eating has been challenging, but, I have to remember the times I am able to stop and avert a binge are a real step forwards and I think everyone should remember that, as Leslie said about being in the driving seat, great, you got there, take it as a real positive and keep trying to work through desire.
I watched the working through desire 30 min talk from Gillian tonight and it really helped when she said about just working on one thing…
I hope this comes across in the way it is meant to sound!