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Hi Gillian
Apologies havent been able to check the forum until now, thank you for your reply that really does help and resonate! Just for now is the key isnt it?
I will certainly be at the Q & A webinar on Sunday, also hope you are keeping well.
I do see that this time is also a time for thinking positively and reflecting on life (the speed of it in general) and I can honestly say it isnt all bad, my mother is in the best possbile environment with an excellent carer so I couldnt wish for more on that front. I am learning and have learnt from this situation, it was in my head the worst possible thing that could ever happen, but in reality, it actually isnt, and I guess had everything been “perfect” for me food wise I would not have had the chance to re look at myself and my behaviours, good really that my reactions do not feel as intense as before and I can actually “see” what I am doing, less mindless..
Anyhow I hope everyone else is doing ok and looking forward to sunday.