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Count me in for the May course, too! So much about ‘success’ depends on keeping the concepts fresh in my mind… a question I have for the Sunday discussion has to do with Liz’s experience of evening challenges (Liz, I love your phrase about letting desire sit and squirm!). Gillian, I’d appreciate you talking more about evening depletion – being more tired, accumulation of the stress from the day, and do cortisol levels drop? I know the strategies remain the same, but it would be useful to hear more about the extra challenge sometimes layered on at the end of day!

Also, I’m interested in hearing more about the experience of discomfort vs addictive desire. I know I can go back and look at your videos, too! I feel like a pressing challenge for me right now is sitting with discomfort. Honestly, I think I’d be much more ok with it if I felt more confident that discomfort won’t turn into (or doesn’t need to) a raging addictive desire. Also, to be reminded that the discomfort (which can be REALLY uncomfortable!) always passes. Even if it lasts awhile.

I want to recommit to noticing discomfort and addictive desire. Thanks for everyone’s posts. It’s really helpful to hear about your experiences.