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Julie Mann

Leslie, I know I’m not Gillian but here is my experience. For me, emotional discomfort ALWAYS passes and it never turns into stronger desire.

I have never ever NOT binged and later thought “I wish I had binged”. I’m always so relieved and the desire to overeat/binge always passes and then comes that relief and pride. And I have NEVER binged and thought, “I’m so glad I did that, what a great idea.”

The other thing is that the discomfort of an urge, of desire is temporary. The discomfort of a binge lasts (for me) for days – I’m sick to my stomach, depressed, anxious, I gain weight, my digestion is off. When I let the discomfort of desire pass, not only is there nothing to “clean up”, but I’m proud, I have energy, AND I’ve just weakened the neural pathways between emotional discomfort and eating.