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Hi Leslie
I’m sure Gillian will reply and I’m only posting from my perspective. Odd how we seem to be in the same place .
It’s taken me about a month to actually successfully sit with addictive desire (last night for the first time in a while) and for me it was more about slowing down in the whole process .. recognising the desire, and choice, remembering to breathe and finally I didn’t actually die by sitting with this horrid raging creature ..
That’s just what I’ve been through, I find that working through desire successfully once is the winner for me, gives me confidence and courage that it’s not a life threatening situation. My addictive desire is sneaky, talking to me in various ways like “well you only ate that at dinner, what else could you snack on” back to snuffling through cupboards for various bits and pieces. Re watching the webinar on working through desire really helped and remembering just to work on one thing, perfectionist as usual kicking in.
I just wanted to comment and am looking forwards to Gillian’s reply !