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Hi Liz,
I totally get that re weight feelings!
What sounds really good is you know how bad this other food makes you feel. For me this was the issue of choice, its my choice what I eat and I choose the consequences, no one is forcing me to eat one way or another but what makes me feel better physically and mentally? No one is prescribing what to eat, thats your choice, Im not sure if that helps?
I also remember Gillian sayings try not be perfect in your eating, so dont be too harsh on yourself re eating cake etc, it was a birthday! Just that youve recognised how it made you feel and maybe you dont want to feel like that again?
Last night I had some wine and then ate some awful snacks which made me feel absolutely grim, in the past I wouldnt have noticed this effect, but to be honest I knew when I bought these snacks (a while ago) I would be eating them… so more fool me! However, I dont want to feel like that again, and will (hopefully) have that awareness in future. I think we have to go through these processes to learn or find out for ourselves?
Its a continual learning curve..
I hope this helps, and beleive me we all know how you are feeling!