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Robyn, my suggestion is to pay closer attention to your addictive desire, and there are different ways you can approach this in an imperfect way. Keep in mind the addictive desire is the key to taking control; it’s where it all happens.

1. Do some overeating in the afternoons and evenings using Times and Plans (4.1) to take some degree of control over when the overeating starts and stops – and making sure you work through desire (3.4) before your Time and after your Plan.

2. Do your afternoon overeating as you usually do, and set Times and Plans just for the evening overeating, again, paying attention to carefully and consciously working through your desire.

3. Assuming you are not overeating raw veggies, improve the quality of whatever it is you are overeating, perhaps making different choices when you shop. Especially if highly addictive sugar and wheat are involved, own your choice to overeat these things when you make the purchase. Notice and work through addictive desire.

If you try any of these, do let me know what happens and especially if you run into any difficulty at all. I can only coach you if I know something about what happens, and I only know what happens if you tell me. By ‘what happens’ I mean what you think, what you feel and/or what you do.