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Julie Mann

Hi Aimee.
I don’t have advice per se. Will leave that to our amazing expert Gillian.
I will say this. I was in a 3 month binge period from Jan -Mar and I spent April just not binging. I focused on non-weight motivation and for sure felt pretty uncomfortable in my body. But I decided that my number one priority was not binging and breaking that habit for good. And during that time I stopped gaining and held steady at a higher weight but at least I was no longer gaining. Sounds a bit like what you have described. I worked through the discomfort with my body and switched my attention to how great I felt not binging, etc.
In May I felt ready to eat less. And that is when I started working with desire again. So I take less food and expect an addictive desire for more and move on, knowing that it’s my choice, that I’m choosing to accept desire as a trade off for eating less and feeling better and ultimately eventually losing some weight slowly.
I think it’s wonderful that you’ve been maintaining and not binging, is I guess what I’m saying. And that perhaps it’s about one stage at a time and really honoring the improvements and the fact that you are both not binging and not gaining for now!

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