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Hi Leslie,

I appreciate your reply and the sense of hope it gives me. I struggle with taking a stand, even though I’ve wanted to for a long time. It’s almost like the struggle has become a major part of my everyday addictive thinking. I sometimes feel like a lost case with all of this.

I have some good motivations and I’ve been working a lot on choice but it all comes undone when it comes to addictive desire and perfection.

My goal going forward is to take a stand and to remind myself about that and my motivation often. This means making times and plans and working on point number 1 in Gillian’s answer. I will be making noticing addictive desire a huge goal for me too and if I will ask for Gillian’s help if I’m still having trouble putting some of this together soon.

Thank you again Leslie and it’s nice to know that I’m not alone. Robyn