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Hi Gillian,

Over the past day I have been listening to and reviewing Week 3 and after lunch today I had the opportunity to work through addictive desire, and it went really well. I often want to go back for more food after I’ve eaten lunch, which can then mean returning to the kitchen several times, over the course of the afternoon. I’ve been working at home for many years and it’s often been a major problem for me in the afternoons, so this is the main area I’m working on first.

I’ve, over many years, become so confused in my head about how to handle my eating addiction because I become involved in too many ways to “fix it”. This has resulted in me not being committed or taking a stand to do the work here. This is what I meant in my reply to Leslie about my addictive thinking. “Fixing the problem” has become an addiction and it means that I do nothing about working through my eating desire. I hope this makes sense. It’s something I need to be aware of and work to keep my focus on working through the steps you have outlined. I have downloaded the MP3 to my phone and will definitely use it.

Thank you. Robyn