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Julia R

I remind myself this is a new moment. Tomorrow is a new day. I am free to chose differently now—even if I have gotten off course. Gillian made the comment once (in an earlier course), it is like a child learning to walk. They fall down and get back up again. I remind myself I am learning something new. It is okay to fail and get back up. There is learning in all of that. You would not talk to a child and say You are a failure. You are never going to walk. However, we do that to ourselves with eating. Have compassion for where you are and the fact you recognize you are engaging in negative self talk gives you the opportunity to change it, if you choose to. How many failures did Thomas Edison have creating the light bulb? Most of us have had these habits, negative self-talk, a very long time. I think self-compassion is key here. Gillian can modify anything I have said that does not align to her suggestions.
Hang in! Staying off the scales has been a tough one for me, but I remind myself it is not about weight and if I chose to get on the scales, I will likely go backwards. That will be my outcome. What I really want is to focus on my non-weight list.