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Hi Lara,

Everything you say here makes great sense – BUT – the issue of owning choice becomes much more relevant in the choice not to overeat (ie eat things you don’t need, such as that lunch).

Yes, you get that you chose a “very unhealthy lunch”. Fine. But what if you really, really wanted it because it looked so delicious and you’d enjoy it so much, and you didn’t eat it and ate something healthy and a bit boring or bland instead?

That is when it becomes easy to deny choice. You also had a high score on the Exploring Choice exercise, so I’m posting this as a “watch out” for you. When you describe desire (2.8 Exploring Desire) you say, “It’s as if there’s another person controlling me, forcing me…” and that’s exactly what can happen when you don’t take a stand on your own grasp of free choice.

And, I’m not telling you what choices to make, by the way. Maybe you will continue to eat the unhealthy lunches; it’s the concept I’m wanting to get across.