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I think stop going into the scale yo see which one is the number today.. its a very difficult choice. To stop doing it when, in my case, I’ve been weighting myself almost everyday 🤦🏻‍♀️

In february Ive decided to do not weight again, and then.. Ive weight myself daily again. When I start this course, I took the batteries out of the scale and put the scale in a place where I cant see it all days. Sometimes I think of weigh myself, but I think its going to make me feel worse than ever because:
– Because Im in the course and one important thing is not to weight myself and stop focusing myself in the weight that I had at that certain time.
– Because If I weight the same or more, Im going to start thinking in diets or some detox or something to modify that number, and is.. start
thinking on a diet and star to eat more
– Because if I weight less, Im going to feel happy about it and start to do more and more restriction or any diet to do more, because is not enough if I lose 1kg .. so, more anxiety and again the circle of diet and binges

I thinkg the important thing is to think its a learning process